Safer Internet Day 2020

Safer Internet Day (SID) is celebrated in over 150 countries globally in February of each year to promote a safer Internet, nurturing and increasing public awareness on cyber security, especially the young people across the globe so that they become more responsible when using technology and digital gadgets such as smart phones, mobile phones and tablets.

Digital Fluency –  best defined as understanding technology and its use in which the better educated or “digitally fluent” internet users are, the more likely they are to make good decisions online and can influence other internet users in a positive way.

  1. CYBER AWARENESS (Kesedaran) – 1. Thorough understanding one’s digital footprint whilst online and securing their personal data and passwords  2. Respect for privacy, rights and shows empathy to other online users.
  2. COMMUNICATION (Komunikasi) – 1. Act with empathy on social media 2. Be respectful, and mindful of others in a globally connected world.
  3. CRITICAL THINKING (Pemikiran Kritis) – 1. Differentiate between real from fake news, analyze data on social media platforms 2. Conduct unbiased research.
  4. CREATIVE (Kreatif) – 1. Leverage on their technological devices to build, produce, and explore new ideas and work on the online platform.
  5. COLLABORATION (Kerjasama) – 1. Connected globally, advocating social causes 2. Uses technology for good to their social network.

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